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     Mr. Da Moude's Bitmoji Classroom
    Nanu Nanu! Welcome fellow problem-solvers!
              I am looking forward to being an integral part in your development as a problem-solver. I have had the privilege of teaching at East Texas Charter since 2006. Everyone has a story to tell. The size of our school allows everyone's story to be heard. What makes us different? We are a school of choice. Everyone who comes here chooses to be here. With choice comes freedom and with freedom responsibility. We will strive to make you as a student better in every conceivable way. We want academics and integrity to walk hand in hand. We want you to be challenged and enjoy your high school experience. How will we accomplish this in mathematics? Hopefully, we will experience many failures along the way. Failures, you say? Yes, we shall celebrate our failures together, because it is only through our failures that we learn.
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    Mr. Da Moude's Classroom Extensions (YouTube)
    (I've just started to compile a list of classroom videos that coincide with the classroom activities. They will be updated throughout the year.)
    How to pass my class:
    1. Be punctual. (Be on time.)
    2. Be prepared. (Have your materials each day.)
    3. Be polite. (Be respectful to yourself and others.) 
    4. Be productive. (Work while you are here.)
    5. Be precise and accurate. (Take the time and energy to do the job well.)
    From the words of Dr. Randy Pausch, "Don't complain; just work harder." 
     Remember the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary is giving a little extra!
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Last Modified on January 3, 2022