• Spring Golf Practice 2018 Schedule

    Here's a link to print the schedule out: 2018 ETCHS SPRING PRACTICE  
    My Schedule below: 

    Monday - 3:05-4:30 at Alpine Target Center

    Tuesday - Alpine Target Center on your own (Make sure you sign in).
    Wednesday- 3:05-4:30 at Alpine Target Center 
    Thursday - 3:05-4:30 at Alpine Golf Course
    Friday - 3:05-4:30 at Alpine Golf Course
    Things to remember: 
    1. You need to choose 3 out of 5 practices to attend each week.
    2. Always sign in at the pro shop at the driving range or golf course.
    3. Remember you can hit up to 4 buckets of balls a month at Alpine Target Center and golf at Alpine Golf Course on weekdays as much as you want.
    4. Remember to study the USGA Rules of Golf. There is a free app you can download to your phone or tablet.