Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements
    Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 176
    East Texas Charter School is required to maintain a public Internet list of local government officers and disclosure statements covering conflicts of interest.  Disclosure is required of officers of the district and their family members with regard to persons or agents contracting with the District of persons or agents responding to District quotations, bids, proposals, or requests for qualifications if:
    1.  The person has employment or other business relationship with the local government officer or a family member resulting in the officer or family member receiving taxable income; or
    2.  The person has given the local government officer or family member one or more gifts (excluding food, lodging, transportation, and entertainment) that have an aggregate value of more than $250 in the twelve month period preceding the date the officer becomes aware of an executed contract or consideration of the person for a contract to do business with the District.
    Statements must be filed within 7 business days with the superintendent's office after the officer becomes aware a conflict of interest exists.
    Officers of East Texas Charter School required to make such disclosures are:
    Terry Lapic  - Superintendent
    Linda Tidmore
    Steve Carroll
    Mike Tidwell
    Debby O'Neal