At home updates

There are 3 school rules - 1) Be here 2) Work while you're here 3) Be respectful

Here's how this is playing out with our changes in schooling since we are not in the physical building.

1) Be here - show up to pick up packets if you're a packet person. Sign into Google Classroom at twice a week and read the announcements if you are doing online work. Sign into school email once daily Mon-Fri.

2) Work while you're here - Complete the work given. Do not submit blank documents or blank packets

3) Be respectful - If a teacher emails, calls or texts you, respond to them. We want to help you!


On March 17th Governor Abbott closed Texas schools for the remaider of the school year.

On Thursday, March 19th, our first "at home" assignments went home.

Thursday, March 26th: First packet work was turned in and next packet work went home. 

The new assignment will be due April 10th. 

The dates for pickup & submission of packets are: April 10th, 17th, 24th and May 1st.

The completion of "at home" work is mandatory to receive class credit and all assignments will be graded. This is not just busy work. Having no work submitted is unacceptable.

Seniors - you will still graduate as long as you are doing what is asked by your teachers.

Other students - you will receive credit & move on to the next grade if you are doing your work. If you don't, then you won't. 

Click on our "Staff" tab for our teacher's contact information.

Please check our Facebook page for updates as well. 

No EOC testing this school year.

UIL Academics and Athletics are finished for ETCS this school year.

Decision about Prom is TBD.

Graduation will happen! We will see what it looks like.


 ETCS academic work link is below: